The Louis NapolEon Room at the Château

View of the park and the Château Belle Epoque, guest rooms and gîtes in Linxe 40, Les Landes


Emperor Napoléon III, Louis Napoléon Bonaparte played a great role in developing Les Landes, and Château Belle Epoque is a reminder of this.


The room in his name is spacious and bright. It is often the choice of room for the bride and groom when organising their wedding at the estate. It looks over the estate grounds and the old stable buildings.


Fill your days with numerous free activities that we have on offer at Château Belle Epoque, such as the swimming pool, tennis court, ping-pong, snooker table, play areas…

The Atlantic coast beaches and a variety of other activities are only 15km from the estate.

The Louis Napoléon room for 2 people

From 210 € / night including breakfast
  • Situated on the first floor
  • View over the estate grounds and the old stable buildings
  • Area 48 m²
  • One room with a double bed and a single bed
  • Possibility of extra bed on request
  • Bathroom
  • Independent WC
  • Heated towel rail and hairdryer
  • WIFI

Low season


the 29th March

to the 24th May


2 people 210 €
3 people 235 €
Mid season

 From the 25th May to the 28th June and

the 7th September to the 27th October 2024

2 people 220 €
3 people 245 €
High season

 From the 29th June to

19th July and

the 17th August to the 6th September 2024

2 people 240 €
3 people 265 €
Very High season


the 20th July

to the 16th August


2 people 265 €
3 people 290 €

We have many different rooms at Château Belle Epoque, such as the Round Tower room that accommodates from 2 to 4 guests, Eugénie de Montijo and Napoléon III suites that accommodate from 3 to 6 guests and the Bao-Daï room for 2 to 3 people.


We can accommodate larger groups in our gîtes or large gîte.


Book the Louis Napoléon room

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Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, a French politician

Louis Napoléon Bonaparte was born in Paris in 1808 and died in 1873 in the UK. He was the nephew of Napoléon 1st who was more of a grandfather to him than an uncle. He played many roles in French politics and had the privilege of being :

  • The only president of the Second Republic
  • The first head of state in France elected only by male voters on the 10 December 1848, and the first president of the French Republic.
  • After the proclamation of the Empire on the 2 December 1852 he was the last monarch of the country under the name of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French people.

He grew up with his mother in Switzerland and in Italy

Louis Napoleon, in 1836, first president of the French Republic

Between 1832 and 1848 he made several attempts at uprisings, punctuated by spending time in prison or exiled to the United States.

In 1848 he decided to go for election at the legislative elections and then at the presidential elections, the first by a universal male vote in France.

Louis Napoleon was elected for four years by 74.2% of the votes. He was then the first president of the French Republic. At the age of 40, he was the youngest president in the history of France until Emmanuel Macron in  2017


During his mandate he made many visits to the French provinces and became even more popular. He was in constant conflict with the national assembly who abolished the universal suffrage. The overthrow of the government on the 2 December 1851, although bloody, was supported by the public.

In 1852 the imperial dignity is restored, voted by the Consuls and by the people. He then became Napoleon III Emperor of France.


It was from then on that he took part in the development of Les Landes


Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, who became Napoleon III, had only one child, a son with his wife the Empress Eugénie De Montijo. He was called Napoleon Eugénie Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte, but was more commonly known as Louis Napoleon. He was born in Paris in 1856 and died at the age of 23, in 1879 in South Africa in Zulu land.

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